Women's Shirts & T-Shirts

By wearing our Agua Bendita women's shirts & t-shirts you tell everyone how much you love and trust handmade fashion. Choose your favorite design!

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Women's Shirts & T-Shirts

At Agua Bendita, our Colombian artisans' dedication, attention to detail, and passion transform into unique handcrafted clothing that transcends time. Our women's shirts & t-shirts are a good example of our crafters' skills. We pride ourselves in the production of all these wonderful, fashionable pieces.


Women's Tops


We only use premium materials including fabrics like viscose, linen, cotton, polyester, and metallic yarn to give birth to creative and original summer tops for women.


Our exclusive beach shirts are great choices to dress during the spring and summer seasons. They come in many colors and prints with short or long sleeves to easily pair with shorts, pants, or jeans. You may also wear them over your bikini to lounge by the poolside or at the beach.


These relaxed-fit summer shirts will bring you comfort while you stroll by the seaside under the sun or the moon. What’s more, they will add style to your outfit for going on a coastal city tour during your summertime vacations.


Build new looks! Mix and match with your current garments to diversify your wardrobe!