We Care


Agua Bendita will always work under the principle of social responsibility, supporting and developing its allies and promoting job creation. For this, only suppliers that comply with current regulations will be contracted.

Our dedication and commitment are towards integrity, quality, and service. Our code of ethics includes human rights, no bribery or corruption, intellectual property, fair competition, animals, the environment, and certifications. Most of the people hired by Agua Bendita are women. This makes us proud. We believe in the power of feminine energy.


We are a Colombian brand that honors handmade ancestral techniques through exclusive pieces embroidered by Colombian artisans. Each print has hand-drawn illustrations placed perfectly on unique silhouettes made by our in-house artists.

We work with our team and suppliers, respecting and promoting human rights.

With our network of #ABhearts artisans, we have built traceability for our pieces. This method allows us to know where and how every piece was made. All AB pieces carry with pride the name of the artisan who embroidered them.