Get ready for summer with our assorted selection of short and long dresses! Find pieces that you can style during the day or at night.

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Amaze yourself with the different options available in our Agua Bendita’s dresses collection, mainly ideal for fresh and warm seasons, thanks to its lightweight, breathable, and comfortable fabrics that allow you to stay cool under the sun.


Depending on the occasion or your body type, you’ll find the piece that best suits you in terms of silhouette, neckline type, length, and design.


Summer Dresses


The colorful and vibrant summertime shades like pastels, brights, and floral prints of our women's dresses entirely capture the spirit of the season with a quite wide color palette that reminds us of the sea, mountains, flowers, and nature in general.


Sun Dresses


The breezy, flowy structure of these beach dresses also allows for ease of movement while capturing the carefree vibe of summer. All you have to do is add your sunglasses, favorite hat, and matching sandals to complete your outfit.


Maxi Dresses


If you want to look taller, they will be the perfect choice, just pick the pattern of your liking that best adjusts to the time of the day you’ll wear it and the place you’ll go. Use the darker, dressy ones preferably in the evening.


Short Dresses


These are great if the weather is really hot since they will keep you comfortable all day long while at the same time, highlighting your legs.


Midi Dresses


Suitable for casual daytime outings, beach trips, picnics, and outdoor parties.


We are a fashion brand that honors handmade ancestral techniques through exclusive garments embroidered by Colombian artisans. Always feel proud of wearing our handcrafted clothing!


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