Girls' Swimsuits

Agua Bendita’s girls' swimsuits collection features handmade details, creative prints, solid colors, and modern silhouettes that your daughter will love!

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Girls' Swimsuits

Agua Bendita brings you a captivating collection of girls' swimsuits that combine Colombian fashion artistry with a world of color and artisanal craftsmanship.

Girls' One-Piece Swimsuits

Each of our girls' one-piece swimsuits serves as a canvas in which our crafters express their creativity transforming plain fabrics into a harmonious blend of striking colors, intricate patterns, and captivating designs.

Our girl swimwear is a delightful celebration of youthful energy and charm featuring lovely florals, tropical prints, and geometric illustrations. Mixed with hand-embroidered detailing, these pieces add an extra layer of elegance, making them truly unique and special.

Girls' Bikinis

Our girls’ bikinis are trendy and colorful, offering various cuts, adjustable straps, and playful designs. They ensure that your child looks fashionable while having fun in the sun.

We believe that swimwear should not only be stylish but also comfortable and durable. That’s why our girls' bathing suits are crafted with painstaking attention to detail and constructed from high-quality materials. A blend of polyester and elastane ensures exceptional stretch and quick-drying capabilities.

We are also acutely aware of the importance of sun safety, which is why almost all of our girl swimsuits provide UPF 50+ protection, effectively safeguarding your daughter from the harmful effects of UV rays.

So, you definitely should get her one or two for your next summer vacation. Pick your favorites today!