Beachwear | Swimsuit Cover Ups

Look stunning by the water's edge with our women's swimsuit and bathing suit cover-ups. Complement your swimwear with these maximalist handcrafted pieces!

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Beachwear | Swimsuit Cover Ups

Welcome to the world of Agua Bendita, where sun, sea, and style converge to create an unforgettable summertime experience!


Our selection of women's swimsuit and bathing suit cover-ups is a great example of coastal sophistication and glamour. From the shores of the world's most exotic destinations to your favorite local beach, Agua Bendita brings you a great variety of beachwear cover-ups that will redefine summer fashion!


Beach Cover-Ups for Women


Agua Bendita's commitment to quality and aesthetics shines through every piece in this women’s beach cover-up collection that showcases the design, precision, and beauty of our skilled Colombian artisans' work.


Carefully crafted to flatter and enhance every woman's natural charm, these garments mix rich color prints, delicate embroidery detailing, and the finest fabrics to ensure you look and feel fabulous under the sun! We assure you these bathing suit cover-ups will offer you the much-needed elegance, versatility, and comfort while strolling along the shoreline, sipping cocktails at a beachside bar, or transitioning from the pool to a casual lunch. Just pair them with your favorite Agua Bendita bikinis!


Explore a world of radiant luxury, where beachwear becomes an expression of your unique style!