We celebrate Colombia, its life, people, colors, flowers, diversity, wildlife, and joy for our daily inspiration. Agua Bendita pays tribute to the ancestral techniques with which the hands of our artisans transform our pieces into works of art. We remember who we are and what unites us between stitch and stitch—honoring the handmade through exclusive pieces embroidered by our #ABhearts since 2003. Each print is hand-illustrated and placed in perfect silhouettes by our in-house artists.

Agua Bendita is feminine, fun, colorful, vibrant, maximalist, sexy, eclectic, trendy, and handmade. “Playful and forever young.”

Agua Bendita is faithful to the power of intuition from its origin, mixing strong, transforming, and colorful, feminine energy, traveling through maximalist pieces full of manual details. Agua Bendita is handmade devotion ♥️ Masterpieces illustrated and handcrafted by the hands of Colombian artisans since 2003. Mariana Hinestroza and Catalina Álvarez are the co-founders of Agua Bendita. A celebration and an ode to the materials that grow in the jungle and by the sea, to the colors of the earth, the hardworking hands, and the endless beauty.

We are inspired by all women, those who love the sun on their body. The ones that enjoy the heat, the beach, and seeing their tanned skin at the end of summer. Energetic, always on the move discovering new places and cultures. They collect moments and enjoy ‘the joy of living. The joy of life!

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Agua Bendita dances to the rhythm of her Latin heart. Her steps move when she hears the drum in a beach bar or that song that plays on the radio and makes her smile inexplicably. It is Frida, her colorful, romantic, and surreal thoughts, those that come to life when her heart mixes oil and turpentine in a palette of colors.
She travels the world, discovering that each beach has a unique aroma, and mixes it in her memory with Mexican vanilla and the taste of a spicy margarita at sunset on the deck of a sailboat.

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