Best Sellers

Our best sellers feature a maximalist swimwear and resort-wear collection of hand-embroidered pieces for women, men, and children. Amaze yourself with this unique selection!

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Best Sellers

At Agua Bendita, each design is a true work of art. Our swimwear and resortwear best sellers are made for individuals of all ages to express their love for handmade fashion. Whether it's a family vacation or a luxurious getaway, these carefully crafted pieces guarantee an unforgettable and stylish experience under the sun.

 For women, our hand-embroidered swimwear features intricate details and vibrant colors, elevating beachwear to a whole new level of elegance. From cut-out dresses adorned with delicate floral motifs to gorgeous bikinis showcasing botanical patterns, every piece is a statement of beauty and sophistication.

 Men can also indulge in the brand's hand-embroidered resortwear, with a range of stylish swim trunks and beach shirts. The attention to detail and quality materials ensure that these pieces radiate both elegance and comfort, making them ideal for lounging by the pool or strolling along sandy shores.

 Little ones can enjoy colorful swimsuits as well as summer outfits adorned with playful designs, offering the same exceptional craftsmanship found in our adult collections.

 Our selection of beachwear accessories which includes sarongs, towels, sun hats, and backpacks; will add the final touch of glamor to your seaside adventures!

 From sun-kissed shores to tropical paradises, these must-have garments will elevate your summertime activities to new heights.