A celebration of power

Gleam celebrates light and its power to transform our reality. This drop draws inspiration from the cosmic beauty of the heavens and the mesmerizing power of hands. Gleam takes us on a journey of self-discovery, inspiring us to embrace our unique brilliance and unleash our creative potential. Each piece reflects the magical power of light, transforming even the darkest days into a universe of sparkling wonder. It’s a journey of transformation, where dreams become a reality with every flicker of light and where the impossible becomes possible with each new ray of hope.

Location: Malecón, La Paz
Time of Day: Evening
Muse: Juliana Nalu
Object: Rings

Gleam Drop | Product 1
Gleam Drop | Product 2
Gleam Drop | Product 3
Gleam Drop | Product 4
Gleam Drop | Product 5
Gleam Drop | Product 6