An ode to embroidery

Aguja is a tribute to embroidery and its history, a legacy from the past brought to the present by Agua Bendita. The drop showcases ancestral techniques collected over the years and tells a story that begins with pulling the needle and threading through illustrations that simulate weaving and craft techniques. This drop celebrates the beauty and intricacy of embroidery. A skill passed down from generation to generation. Aguja pays homage to embroidery, bringing it to life with a mix and match between print, color, craft, knowledge, and technique. In Aguja, the artist discovers her ancestors, exploring their culture and history through the art of embroidery. She unravels and weaves a part of her past into her present with every stitch. Aguja is more than a collection of clothes; it’s an ode to embroidery and its legacy, a journey through time to discover oneself.

Location: Todos Santos
Time of Day: Afternoon
Muse: Gabbie Sul & Abigail
Object: Needle
Aguja Dorp | Product 4
Aguja Dorp | Product 6