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About Mariana & Caalina

AB Funders

What is your first thought of the day?

M: Thank you god!

C: I stare at a virgin I have at home or think about it if Im not at home so the day starts in a great way

What kind of social media topics attract you the most?

M: Interior design, fashion, food and sports.

C: Fashion, design, art, food and riding horse accounts

Your life motto?

M: Discipline, perseverance, gratitude and authenticity.

C: Be thankful always and forever

Two enterprising paisas, face of a swimwear brand that has succeed worldwide and has magnified Colombian artisan’s talent. Mariana Hinestroza and Catalina Álvarez, women who day by day nurture what began in the year of 2004, a female empowerment union, a family, dreams filled up with creativity and their shared son: Agua Bendita. What defines them as individuals?