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Beeja embroidered bag

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New Silhouette
Our Newest Silhouette! The Beeja bag is all black with hand embroidered mesh. The perfect bag to match with all of the collection. A hybrid design with an oversized cut that recalls the streetwear world. This bag was handcrafted in four days by our Colombian artisan Mery Correa. AUTHENTIC, disruptive, hype—a new vision, borderless thinking that embraces a global perspective. Agua Bendita takes a romantic proposal to the street, pastel colors with an undertone of flora swag. We are redefining authenticity, a stylistic streetwear sensibility but always, with the final AB vision, handcrafted details, maximalist, and full of intuition. Streetwear isn't over; it's evolving. Focused on newness, and experiment with layering sheers overprinted, a contemporary handcrafted twist. This group is unafraid of standing out and testing new silhouettes with feminine references. Fabrics that allow wide legs and exaggerated hoodies and shirting details to be styled in a delicate manner.
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