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“Our mission is to empower and celebrate women: we are a company created by women, handmade by women, and we believe in the active and positive role we play within our families and within society. Additionally, we are convinced that great leaders are those who understand that the only way we can be successful is by believing in our team and holding it together through time.’’


Mariana Hinestroza y Catalina Álvarez, Agua Bendita’s co-founders


‘’For me, Agua Bendita has been and is my biggest blessing. My artisanal job is mainly composed of a lot of love, motivation and dedication. I am infinitely grateful with Mariana and Catalina for the fact that I have had the chance and still do of working from home, give other women like me a professional opportunity like mine and generate my own income to raise my family.’’


Adriana Patricia Guarín’s testimony



Our AB HEARTS initiative is the affirmation of our solid commitment versus society, building a more egalitarian industry and, above all, with the women who make this company possible. One of our main goals is improving our artisans and their families living conditions, across training processes that involve entrepreneurship, leadership, and other matters that help them in a daily basis to achieve their personal and professional goals.