This print honors the story of Agua Bendita. A throwback to the iconic moment when Mariana and Catalina met the Sports Illustrated editor.

Their first Miami Swim Week, a collection made out of different recycled cloth pieces sewed with Catalina's grandmother's sewing machine. Camandulas in each swim piece as a good luck charm.

The brand's name: Agua as in water, and Bendita as in blessed.

"Go after the woman with the sunflower skirt; if she approves your designs, you are now in the swimwear world." An advice Mariana and Catalina received.

Catalina ran towards her and gave her a catalog. Then, Mariana and Catalina started dancing. The woman laughed and approached their stand; she took all of the swim pieces.

Later, they received a call from Sports Illustrated saying they loved their designs and would like to have them in their next SI Summer Issue Cover Page. Minutes after the magazine was released, Agua Bendita was no longer a dream it was now a worldwide swimwear brand.

This drop celebrates 20 years of intuition, feminine energy, sisterhood, and our favorite story.

Every AB drop has handcrafted details representing Agua Bendita's value proposal. A hand-embroidered lifetime passage.

Agua Bendita pays tribute to the ancestral techniques with which the hands of our artisans transform our pieces into works of art. Between stitch and stitch, we remember who we are and what unites us. We honor the handmade through exclusive pieces embroidered by our #ABhearts. Each print is hand illustrated and located on perfect silhouettes by our in-house artists. A worldwide swim and resort wear brand that has taken pride by representing Colombia's handmade virtues. Mariana Hinestroza and Catalina Álvarez are the creators of this mystical brand. Agua Bendita is a female empowerment union.